Content Share Program

Our ContentShare program allows web publishers, educational institutions, book authors and others to reproduce CWC content with a minimum of hassle. There are no licensing permissions or royalty fees required.

All articles and press releases published by the Consumer Wellness Center may be reproduced or republished for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, provided the following guidelines are heeded:

Program Guidelines

  1. Such content must be clearly labeled with "(Consumer Wellness Center)" in the opening line.
  2. The Consumer Wellness Center must be given credit for the content in an obvious byline to appear directly beneath the story. The URL must be plainly visible, and if such content is posted on a website, the URL must be clickable, directing visitors to
  3. No CWC content may be used in any disparaging context, including but not limited to criticism of the CWC, its authors or principals.
  4. No content publisher may charge for access to CWC content. If CWC content is republished, it must be made available free of charge to consumers.
  5. The CWC must be informed within 3 business days of your use of CWC content. You may inform us of your republishing of CWC content by contacting us through our contact page.
  6. You may not use partial or edited CWC content. All articles must be republished in their entirety, with no changes or additions.
  7. CWC content may not be used in a context that implies a commercial endorsement of any particular product, service, website, political candidate, book or information source. For permission to use CWC content in an endorsement context, please contact us for written permission.
  8. You may not interrupt the flow of CWC content with commercial advertising, including banners, interstitial ads or pop-ups. Ads may be placed above, below or to the side of republished CWC articles, but they may not dissect the article, stop its visual flow or visually cover it in any way.
  9. You acknowledge that the CWC retains the copyright and perpetual ownership of such content. In no way does the ContentShare program grant you any claims of ownership over the content.
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