The Consumer Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit initiating educational programs that empower consumers with information on wellness issues such as disease prevention, nutrition, peak mental and physical health and natural health modalities.

Our base is in the United States, but our audience is truly international.

We frequently review and recommend products, supplements, websites and other organizations we believe help improve the lives of women, men, infants, children and families everywhere. We sell no actual products and do not earn commission from the sale of products we review.

The CWC focuses entirely on what works, delivering natural, healthful solutions to consumers around the world. We research, develop and distribute articles, reports and studies on natural medicine (phytonutrients, supplements, herbs and natural sunlight), the healing arts (massage, yoga, acupuncture, sound therapy, reiki, etc.) and renewable energy, to name just a few.

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Our ContentShare program allows web publishers, educational institutions, book authors and others to reproduce CWC content with a minimum of hassle. There are no licensing permissions or royalty fees required.

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