Nutritional Grant Program

The Consumer Wellness Center, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization founded and directed by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, is announcing its 2010 Nutritional Grant Program.

Empowering Our Global Community

For the 3rd year, Consumer Wellness is ready and willing to assist individual, motivated, and caring schoolteachers, administrators, and program facilitators by funding their own creative visions of nutritional education and sharing. Why would we allow educators to take the reigns on what and how to teach? It is very simple. These seasoned professionals best know their students and their needs.

Once again we are making available the teachings that will empower school children and expectant mothers in learning how to make nutritional choices that will allow them to learn how to nourish their bodies appropriately. Laying a sound nutritional foundation early in life supports optimal physical, mental, and emotional health in the adult.

Program Details

The Consumer Wellness Center is awarding ten $1,000 grants to the best-qualified schoolteachers or program administrators who are working directly with groups of school children or expectant mothers.

To determine who is "best qualified" please submit a formal written proposal on official school or foundation letterhead and explain in detail:

  1. Your organization, your position and qualifications
  2. What aspect of nutritional education you envision teaching
  3. Your target group: number, approximate ages, and geographic location
  4. Where and how the money will be spent
  5. What impact you hope to have
  6. Your commitment to proactively report to the Consumer Wellness Center at least 3 times via written correspondence and digital photographs detailing your experience and the impact of your teaching program at various phases.

For instance, if you are a teacher and you observe your class of 3rd graders eating lunches devoid of fresh veggies and fruits, you might arrange a field trip to a farm: maybe an organic farm, where your students will have the opportunity to experience how foods are grown, picked, and made available for purchase.

If you administer a prenatal care clinic or educate expectant mothers, you might teach the how's and why's of holistic food preparation. You might even want to demonstrate what whole foods are and how to prepare nutrient dense and delicious meals.

You are free to create the perfect educational experience to address the specific nutritional need(s) you see in the group of people with whom you work.

For examples of the programs CWC has awarded in the past , as well as samples of reporting expected, please visit

What does the Consumer Wellness Center ask of you?

Only that you document your educational program so that it may published on Mike Adams' NaturalNews.Com website. We ask that you proactively communicate with the Consumer Wellness Center no less than 3 times throughout your program and send in details about how your program is developing via email, videos, digital photos and written reports. We ask for photographs of your participants and your school or program facilities. If you work with children, we encourage them children to write about their experiences, create artwork or poetry about what they have learned and email it to us. If funds are granted to prenatal care centers or programs, we would like to have the expectant moms share their experiences with us via written email; we would like their photographs and photos of the center itself.

The Consumer Wellness Center is invested in our future generations of our global community; we envision this granting process to produce endless positive health ripples of spiritual unity and physical health.

The Consumer Wellness Grants will be announced December 1, 2010.

The deadline for your submission is October 18, 2010. Award winners will be announced December 1, 2010.