NaturalNews, Consumer Wellness Center announce $10,000 Nutritional Education Grant Program to aid schoolchildren and expectant mothers
TUCSON, Ariz. (October 08, 2009) (NaturalNews) Many of the most important health problems affecting people world-wide -- including an epidemic of obesity in children, an unprecedented rise in type 2 diabetes in youngsters, and a high preterm birth rate that is the leading cause of death in the first month of life in the U.S. -- can be prevented by sound nutrition. In order to help schools support the nutritional education of students and their families, the Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition as a way to prevent disease and enhance human health and longevity, has teamed with to sponsor a CWC Nutrition Education Grant Program totaling $10,000.

The program was initiated last year with eight $1,000 grants awarded in 2008. The results were so successful in fighting nutrition illiteracy and promoting healthful diets that the CWC and have announced an increase in the number of grants for 2010. In all, ten school educators or administrators each will receive $1,000 to develop innovative programs supporting the nutritional education of schoolchildren and expectant mothers.

The CWC is now accepting proposals for the grants. Application details are available at: . The application deadline is November 23, 2009; applicants from all countries are welcome. Recipients of the awards will be announced on the NaturalNews web site at: on December 21st.

" We're thrilled to be able to take part in directing grant money to these greatly-needed projects. From last year's grants, we've learned that our grant recipients are amazingly resourceful in putting these funds to a positive use," states CWC executive director Mike Adams.

For example, the non-profit Family Care Network located in Manton, Michigan, used their CWC Nutrition Education Grant to plant three organic gardens which produced a fresh food bank for families and seniors in need while also educating kids, parents and elders about growing a portion of their own food and nutrition. In Lucknow, India, CWC grant recipient Dr. Sanjeev Rastogi of the Body and Mind Clinic and Research Center at Vatsala Hospital created a program to teach approximately 50 low-income expectant mothers about the importance of balanced, healthy nutrition during pregnancy.

Threasa Miller, Senior Director of Resource Development of the Boys and Girls Club of Collier County in Naples, Florida, used the CWC grant to purchase food needed to implement a two-year educational program on nutrition that will teach at least four hundred elementary and middle school children how to recognize and prepare health-building foods. CWC grant recipient Michael Ursprung, Assistant Principal of Pomelo Drive Elementary School in West Hills, California furnished students with a year?s worth of supplies for nutrition study in the school?s garden including organic soil amendments, seeds, seedlings, garden tools, journals and more. During multiple harvests, food from the garden was donated to a local community food bank for the hungry. Additional success stories are available at the CWC web site: http://www.consumerwellness.og

" Even though these grants are small, what the recipients are capable of doing with this funding is simply remarkable. Through this program, we're touching the lives of thousands of women and children around the world who will experience lifelong rewards from enhanced nutrition," says Adams, a consumer health advocate, founder and editor of, a hugely popular natural health news and education website.

Funds for this program have been provided by donations from the Global Healing Center (, Boku Superfood (, Health Products Distributors, Inc. (, Magnetic Clay Baths (,The Raw Food World ( and Elements for Life (

Additional funds have been raised by NaturalNews' involvement with Moxxor, a direct sales company offering a potent marine omega-3 supplement combined with an income opportunity. Mike Adams has donated 50 percent of his net proceeds from Moxxor to help fund health freedom and health education programs, including this nutritional grant program from the CWC.

Learn more about the CWC nutrition grant program at:

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